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I always ask my brides-to-be, on enquiring, where they heard about Julie’s Candy Cart. Google search, Wedding shows, facebook, twitter, online directories, referrals or bridal magazines have been the usual answers until yesterday.

Narelle took a few days to track down where she had heard about Julie’s Candy Cart. It began to irritate her as she couldn’t remember but knew she had seen it on a photograph somewhere. She retraced her steps and remembered that when she booked her wedding at Colzium House, Kilsyth,  she had searched for photographs of her wedding venue. In this search she saw a Candy Cart set up at her venue. So she repeated the search and there it was featured in Julie Tinton’s blog. Julie had photographed Janet and Iain’s wedding last year where I had set up the candy cart as their wedding favours.

Julie Tinton is an Edinburgh based photographer and specialises in contemporary children’s portraiture and beautiful, timeless wedding photography. Julie has a blog where she likes to share her current images, thoughts and ideas.

It is thanks to Julie that I have just received a last minute booking for the candy cart at Narelle and Anthony’s wedding at such a beautiful venue, Colzium House.

I guess you all want to see the said blog, by Julie Tinton, that featured the candy cart at Janet and Iain’s wedding. Well here it is!

Janet and Iain’s wedding by Julie Tinton

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