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In February 2011 I exhibited the candy cart at The Scottish Wedding Show at SECC, Glasgow for the first of many times. This is when I met the lovely Claire. She came to seek me out as she had heard there was a new exhibitor in the building with a unique little sweetie cart. The sweeties attract the best people!

Claire and I became friends and Claire has been a really great support to me in my business venture.

Well nearly 3 years on I thought it was about time I featured Claire on my blog by asking a few questions now as her little business is ever expanding and developing.


This is what I asked:-

Tell us about Caesar’s party and wedding and how/when you got started?  We started way back in 2003 as a small idea on the sunny Island of Ibiza and turned into what we are today.  We started out with a focus on the party industry and diversified as our customers asked for more products.

What service do you offer?  We specialise in wedding favours and balloon decor.  Our gift range of wedding favours is one of the largest in the UK.  Our balloon décor team are one of the best in  Scotland.  We also offer a full range of wedding accessories like guest books, ring pillows, bridal party gifts.

Which areas do you cover? For balloon décor and venue dressing we cover from Edinburgh to Ayrshire.  For wedding favours we sell these worldwide.

How early do brides need to book you?   For balloon décor and venue dressing we would be able to be booked for jobs that week.  We have lots of eager staff willing to add another happy customer to their bookings for that weekend!   For wedding favours, we have itemised lead times for all products.  We are a shop however, so we do have lots of stock in-store for last minute wedding favour sales.  If we didn’t have the exact favour you wanted we would be able to suggest appropriate alternatives.

What makes you different from your competitors? We are family run so we know each order from start to finish.  My partner and I both work hard to get customer’s orders to where they need to be.  Our balloon décor team are incredibly talented and creative.  We have huge corporate customers who come back to us every year very happy!

What do you enjoy most about your job?  We love it when a bride to be who has used us for balloon décor for her engagement party visits again to start her wedding planning and we get to follow that bride on her lovely journey from start to finish of her wedding planning.

What have been your main achievements so far? Bringing our little business, which was a hobby and home based, to a UK wide known wedding favour company and a well respected balloon décor business.

What inspires you?  To be the best.

If you were getting married next year, what trends would you adopt?  Vintage is certainly still a mainstay for 2014.  The whole vintage style has adopted so many things now and we’ve seen some wonderful wedding ideas for this style.

What are your plans for the future?  We have just launched our full venue décor service.  We want to offer brides a one stop shop. We now offer floral centrepieces, bouquets, stationery, chair covers and just about anything else our brides to be might need!

How can our readers get in touch with you? They can e-mail us on give us a ring on 01236 729748 or message us on Facebook and of course can check out our website at or


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